What's Running

What's Running Beta 6 3.0

Manage active processes, services, apps and more


  • Highly detailed manager
  • Lets you search the web for more information
  • Data can be updated in real time
  • Support for snapshots


  • Few configuration settings

Very good

If the standard Task Manager in Windows is not enough for you, try What's Running instead.

What's Running is a highly detailed task management app that scans your system and lists all currently active programs, processes, services, modules and network connections. It also includes special areas to display startup programs – apps that are set to run automatically every time you start Windows – and all installed drivers.

Using What's Running is easy as pie. Simply select the item you want to check on the left sidebar (processes, services, modules, etc.) and the information will be displayed on the main area in the program's window. Right clicking an active process enables you to view extended information, change its priority and search online for more details about it. Configuration settings let you customize the update interval, as well as replace the standard Task Manager with What's Running – but nothing else.

A nice feature in What's Running is the ability to create system snapshots, so that you can capture an image of your system's current performance and compare it to previous or future snapshots.

What's Running is a highly detailed process manager that you can use as replacement or companion to the standard Windows task management tool.

What's Running


What's Running Beta 6 3.0

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